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Learn this week's Big Idea

Sunday, October 22nd - "God's blessing brings peace"

Learn this week's Scripture from Pastor John - Watch video here.

No Q&A this week. Check out last week's Q&A with Pastor John & Special Guest Pastor Tim Bayer - Watch video here.

At Crosspoint, we know that growth is the result of a longer term, intentional process. After all, it took the first disciples three years to kind-of understand what Jesus was up to!

Weekly Rhythm: We choose 1 Big Idea to focus on each week, and then we dive in deep. Each week, we release two videos geared toward adults and one video for our Crosspoint Kids that dig into the Scriptures and answer big questions about the Big Idea.

Growth groups give an in-person opportunity to talk about the weekly Big Idea and join with others along your journey.

Deepen your roots in a Grow Group

4 Groups Currently Available:

Monday group - 2x/month, 7:00PM @ homes. All welcome, childcare available.

Tuesday Men's group - every week, 7:15PM @ Crosspoint.

Wednesday Women's group - every week, 9:30AM @ Crosspoint.

Sunday mixed group - 2x/month, 6:30 PM @ Crosspoint. Add'l info below.

There will be a desert and soft drinks provided.

The first meeting will be on Sunday, November 12th.  We will be reading the book

"Walking with God", by John Eldredge. https://www.christianbook.com/walking-with-how-hear-his-voice/john-eldredge/9780718080983/pd/080983?event=Bible-Studies|1003948#CBD-PD-Description